Sarah & Pat

Sarah and Pat's journey began in their early years, crossing paths as infants in a humble baptismal school. From there, they embarked on a lifelong adventure together, attending grade school, high school, and college as inseparable "school sweethearts." Their love story finally culminated in a much-anticipated wedding day, meticulously brought to life by the talented team at Valley & Company Events, in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington.

Sarah, with her timeless sense of style, envisioned a classic celebration steeped in tradition. The elegant church ceremony, adorned with delicate greenery and white flowers, perfectly reflected her vision. A breathtaking cathedral veil added an extra touch of romance to the occasion, as guests were captivated by every thoughtful detail.

Exiting the ceremony, Sarah and Pat were greeted by a truly unforgettable farewell. More than 200 guests lined the stairs, showering the newlyweds with bags of petals. It was a picture-perfect moment that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

The reception, held at a stunning venue in Seattle, embraced the city's charm. Despite the drizzly September evening, the reception tent radiated warmth and intimacy. Adorned with all-white flowers, French blue linens, white chiavari chairs, and ethereal gauzy draping, it created a dreamy atmosphere for their larger guest count.

To add a touch of their Pacific Northwest roots to the festivities, Sarah and Pat surprised their guests with a late-night treat - a delivery of Dick's Drive-In cheeseburgers and fries, a beloved Seattle staple. Laughter and joy filled the air as guests danced, savoring their favorite guilty pleasure while dressed in elegant tuxedos.

The musical talents of DJ Miguel Rockwell set the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable celebration, while a British Motor Coach served as their glamorous getaway car. Contributions from esteemed vendors, such as CORT Rentals for exquisite event furnishings, Libby Tipton's calligraphy goods, and Minted for their impeccable invitations, elevated the wedding experience. Additionally, the ceremony venue, Villa Academy, added a touch of historical charm to the day.

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