Kelley + Jon | Apple Valley, CA family Photo session

Being a family photographer, a mom and a teacher, I appreciate family photos that allow you all to be yourselves. The authentic smiles, those tender glances, and the unscripted everyday interactions—these are the heart and soul of a family's narrative. Our session was filled with these precious moments, each serving as a poignant reflection of the love that permeates this household.

A Few Family Photography Session Tips

Now, let's dive into some valuable insights for your own family photography sessions:

  1. Location: Much like Kelley and Jon did, you might opt for a location that holds sentimental value; it adds depth and significance to your photos. It's where your family's unique story shines.
  2. Embrace Relaxed Naturalness (is that even a word?) : Encourage your family members to be their true selves. The most genuine moments occur when everyone feels at ease. Candid shots often convey the most compelling stories.
  3. Inject Playfulness: Infuse playfulness into your session, especially when photographing young children. This can yield some of the most heartwarming and authentic expressions. I particularly love getting to know the kids and letting them share their joy with me.
  4. Time it Right: If you have little ones, plan your session at a time when they're typically at their best—well-rested and well-fed kids are more likely to cooperate and radiate happiness in front of the camera.
  5. Choose a Photographer with a Connection: When seeking a family photographer, search for someone who comprehends your vision and can establish a genuine connection with your family. Building rapport with your photographer can significantly enhance the quality of your photographs.

The family portrait session with Kelley and Jon was a heartfelt experience that highlighted the enchantment that emerges when we allow families to be themselves. It was about capturing not only faces but also the very essence of their love and connection.

If you're in the Redlands, CA area or beyond, and you're keen on narrating your family's unique story through the art of photography, don't hesitate to get in touch. I would be thrilled to connect with you and craft beautiful memories that will warm your heart for years to come. Your family's story deserves to be celebrated and preserved through timeless imagery.