Expectant mom and dad dancing in the kitchen awaiting baby's arrival.
Hands holding mom's expectant belly.
Freshly sliced lemons for pregnant mother's tea in a sunny california kitchen on a wooden cutting board.
Soon to be dad sharing a kiss on his pregnant wife's forehead while drinking tea in the kitchen.
Couple dancing barefoot in the kitchen with southern California light pouring through windows.
expectant couple embracing in their kitchen in the sunny town of Redlands, CA.
Expectant mom and dad holding baby shoes in anticipation of new addition.
Pregnant Malika on film against white wall.
Pregnant Malika looking down at stomach. Kodak portra 400.
Pregnant Malika and husband Arjun captured on film in kitchen slow dancing.
Arjun and Malika in black and white looking at the camera.

As a Redlands maternity photographer with a passion for capturing genuine and heartfelt moments, I am thrilled to share with you an in-home maternity session that was nothing short of magical. This particular session took place in the couple's home where I had the pleasure of documenting the journey of an expecting couple, celebrating the beauty of their growing family.

The choice to shoot on medium format film added an element of timeless elegance to these natural and relaxed maternity photos. Film has a unique ability to capture light and emotions in a way that digital photography simply cannot replicate. To bring out the soft and dreamy aesthetic that perfectly complements the joyous anticipation of pregnancy, I entrusted the scanning process to the talented team at Photovision Prints, ensuring the highest quality results. They are a favorite!

Throughout the session, the couple radiated love and excitement, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and joy. In the comfort of their own home, I captured intimate moments that beautifully portrayed the essence of their connection. From dancing in the kitchen, making tea, to their laughter echoing through the rooms, to tenderly admiring baby shoes in anticipation of their little one's arrival, every image spoke volumes about their love and anticipation.

One of the highlights of the session was capturing the mother-to-be looking at her pregnant belly with a mix of awe, wonder, and tenderness. These images serve as a testament to the incredible journey of pregnancy and the profound bond between a mother and her unborn child. It is moments like these that make being a maternity photographer in the Inland Empire truly rewarding.

As a natural style maternity photographer, my approach focuses on creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for expecting parents. I strive to capture authentic and emotive moments that reflect the unique essence of each family. The soft, film-inspired family and maternity portraits from this session encapsulate the beauty and intimacy of this special time in their lives, preserving memories that will be cherished for years to come.

In conclusion, this in-home maternity session exemplifies the natural and relaxed approach I bring to my work as a Redlands and Palm Springs family and maternity photographer. The medium format film photography, along with the meticulous scanning by Photovision Prints, adds a touch of timeless elegance to the images. As a result, the photographs beautifully capture the love, anticipation, and connection of the expectant couple. If you're seeking a natural style maternity photographer in the Inland Empire who can create film-inspired family and maternity portraits, I would be honored to tell your unique story. Contact me today to capture the beauty of your journey into parenthood.